Friday, 26 July 2013

Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish

Rimmel Salon Pro

My favourite thing about nail varnish is that it comes in an absolute rainbow of shades for every mood and skin type.The best thing about Rimmel nail varnishes is that they also come in every color in between the usual rainbow of shades, and are creamy, chip resistant and highly pigmented to boot. Result!

In this post, I'm looking especially at the Summer Orange and Rock n Roll red shades that I've recently bought:

These two shades are pretty vibrant, and perfect for summer fun or seduction, as appropriate ;) 

I decided to try the Summer Orange shade on my hands last night, and this was the result (with base coat & top coat courtesy of Nails inc's Kensington Caviar duo, shortly to be the topic of a post of their own).

I absolutely love how the colour pops against my skin, and I had so many compliments on it that I'm now looking for a dress in the same shade! It looked especially nice next to blue denim, but green, yellow and purple tops/dresses also really worked in a sort of harmonious yet mutually brightening way that I love. I'm also considering a bit of nail art for the next time I wear this- polka dots, tropical flowers or something else? I can't decide!

However I'm wearing the red tonight (ready for a weekend out with the girls!) and thought I'd add a pic of one generous coat of Rock n Roll, without top coat, so you could see how insanely glossy and deep the colour is! It dries a tad darker than the pic shows, and is a perfect young, sexy red.

Let me know what you think, and if I should put some nail art/jewels with these tomorrow before we head out on the town... Happy Friday, everyone!

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