Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Happy Pretty Sparkly!

Hi everyone!

I've noticed a few glum faces (including my own) around Twitter and our office today, and so I thought I'd quickly share something that has consistently cheered me up today, despite the fact that I've discovered my 'professional' dress is a little bit see through and that I'm a little hormonal (watch out, pesky lawyers!)...

I painted my nails to go to a (slightly damp) BBQ for my friend's birthday yesterday, and suddenly decided that gold glitter was a MUST. 

Now this was an impulsive and risky decision. I had 30 minutes to bake and decorate a Victoria Sponge cake (his favorite!) and do nails. Challenge Accepted...

I used Porchester Square by Nails Inc, and then Mavala's Diamond Glitter in Gold, with a top coat of Kensington Caviar by Nails Inc.

This has made me smile every time I go to type in the office today. It's a sign that, whatever the weather, however see through your clothing, and however many important meetings you have to go to in both of these conditions, knowing that you have pretty nails and that yesterday you made people really happy by managing to feed them a rather awesome birthday sponge cake genuinely makes it all worth while. #BeautyWin, I think.

Big hugs!

Emma xx

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