Thursday, 25 July 2013

REVIEW: Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel with Marula Oil

Clarins Pure Melt 

Price: £19.50

RATING: ***** (5 Stars)

Recommended to me by a Clarins assistant in Boots (Cornmarket Street, Oxford) when I was searching for a gentle face wash that wouldn't strip my skin, I am very impressed with the product, despite its slightly hefty price tag.

This face wash comes out as a soft but sturdy gel texture onto the hand. It smells slightly aromatic in an 'I've just come from the Spa' way, and doesn't feel at all sticky to the touch, which is pleasant and reassuring for those concerned with sensitive skin. As you smooth it onto your face, this gel transforms into a soft, liquid light oil which can safely be rubbed over the face (and even eyes, if necessary and a good eye makeup remover isn't to hand) to remove make-up and dirt gently. Once you're finished enjoying the silky texture, you can splash water over your face to activate the oil and magically change it again- this time into a silky milk that rinses skin clean.

I found that the oils have improved brightness in my skin, and helped protected it from drying out in the mad air conditioning/extreme heat combination that we're currently experiencing in the UK.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Dry or sensitive skin, or duller skin in need of a boost.

RECOMMENDED WITH: Regular gentle exfoliation and a light water based day cream, or a rich night cream for a hydrating overnight treatment.

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