Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Gifts from Friends

 Gifts from Friends

A quick thank you to my lovely friend Sarah, for buying me the perfect present! The Tea Shed does delicious, properly blended teas that really taste real- none of this ground up leaves malarkey... :)

There was a pack of four cups which each hold 20 beautiful silk tea bags, and she cleverly requisitioned a cardboard tray from a friendly Starbucks employee to give them to me in- brownie points for creativity!

4am Tea is light, refreshing and low in caffeine, making it perfect for before bed or, as it says on the box, a sleepless night.

Proper Mint Tea is smooth but peppy- it'll wake you up, gently boost digestion if you've had a big meal, and leave you feeling in tip-top condition.

Berry Orange Tea is fruity, rich, and very warming in the rain! With bits of real orange, you feel like you're detoxing and getting your vitamin C hit in the snuggliest way possible.

Mr Grey's Tea is a bergamot sensation- relaxing, lightly spicy and warming with milk, or crisp, delicate and tangy with lemon, this works whatever mood I'm in!

Highly recommended to all tea lovers, and I'm eager to try some more soon! In fact, I might go put the kettle on now...


Emma xx

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