Monday, 29 July 2013

Perfect Storm

My post today is certainly current for anyone in the UK this week, as Thunderstorms are likely over the next week in most areas it seems. There is nothing worse than being caught in an unexpected downpour and knowing your makeup isn't waterproof, and nothing better than getting home, cleansing your face and sitting down with fluffy socks on and a cup of tea in hand to warm up. Mmm. Snuggly...

So I thought to myself- what basics would I recommend for warm storm weather? Well, I always like to look to countries where the monsoon season hits, and take some tips from them on handling warm, wet weather in style.

One of my good friends recommended opting for a matte finish primer in the morning, which will settle on your skin and provide a light but even base, noting that this was common practice in India where she used to live during Monsoon season. I'm chasing her down for product recommendations, and will keep you updated- share your own if you have them, please!

I am currently using Diorskin Nude BB Creme in 01/Light as a foundation, and will put a longer review up of this shortly, as it deserves separate attention! However I will say that it seems to be staying put nicely in this weather, and the light formula doesn't require too much blending with my real techniques brush to provide reasonable coverage- although it doesn't cover blemishes so much as even skin tone and conceal shadows/scars.

Also, using a light loose powder over this, like this Bare Minerals foundation powder (in 'fair' for me as I'm very light skinned!) will help avoid looking 'soggy' if you do get caught in a shower- and it won't matter if your face does get wet- top ups are easily applied...even quickly in the lift as you rush in on the way to your desk!

Waterproof mascara is a must have in this kind of weather- through teenage trial and error, my lovely friends and I learned that you cannot get rid of all of the 'smudge' effect without proper makeup remover, and that if this is not available, you may risk making the situation worse by trying to scrub at it. If you do get caught out and it's a real full on Panda disaster, I advocate using warm water or a dab of gentle hand cream on a tissue as emergency cleanser, and/or heading to Boots/Superdrug asap!

My favorite mascara of all time is Dior Show waterproof (below). This has been a staple for me, and fortunately comes in a variety of formulas to suit all needs, including a 'blackout' intense black, a curling 'iconic' and a volumizing 'extase'. With loads of waterproof options, despite being pricey, it's very much worth it's weight in to speak...

Lipbalm. Tinted, to be precise. In hot weather, lipstick can be too heavy, and lipgloss can feel uncomfortably sticky. I particularly like to use this one at the moment- Revlon's Berry Smoothie 'colorburst' lip butter. I've used this for a couple of weeks now, and it has a soft formulation that only needs a touch to brighten your lips, but stays in place reasonably well in sun, sea, sand and storm! It also comes in a handy little case, so will look cute in your make up bag!

Let me know if you have any tips/have written posts on similar topics, and I hope you all stay warm and dry over the next few weeks lovelies! 

Emma xx


  1. I love how you connected the weather with the makeup tips! That is soooo necessary! Hope some shiny days are on its way over there Emma.

  2. Thanks! Thought it might be handy- and managed to sneak a few of my favorite basics in there too.. ;)