Monday, 5 August 2013

Top 10 Office Beauty Essentials

I have recently had a few people ask me what I do to stay professional/perky looking in the office, and so I thought I'd put together my own personal Top 10 from the items that live in my office drawer (in case of emergency!) and on my desk. This will be a general list, with an 'Emma loves' suggested option for each product, and come in no particular order as I recommend keeping all of these in a little bag tucked away in your desk drawer. Hope you enjoy, and let me know if you have any of your own suggestions/additions!

Emma's Top Ten Office Beauty Essentials

Hand Sanitizer (Emma loves: Soap and Glory Hand Gel for pretty packaging and gently formula). Important in the office to save you from office colds, germ-filled keyboards and coughing colleagues!

Mini-Deoderant (Emma loves: Dove Compressed Pomegranate Deoderant for compact effectiveness and lovely scent). Got a meeting with the boss about those figures/contracts that you worked on for weeks? Not sure what meeting agenda is? Nervous? No problem ;)

Facial Spritz (Emma loves: Anatomicals Facial Spray as you will know if you follow me on twitter! I'm slightly obsessed with this). Freshen up, re-fresh and boost your productivity!

Nail File (Emma loves: Models Own 4-way Nail Buffer for convenience & style) A four sided buffer allows you to file, polish & buff clean nails, or treat a pesky rough edge/break and get back to typing ASAP...

Tinted Lip Balm (Emma loves: Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter, a fave of many bbloggers at the moment, particularly in Wild Watermelon and Berry Smoothie). Take a moment, take stock and add a touch of brightness that will draw attention to what you're saying in a presentation or meeting.

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Toothbrush & Toothpaste (Emma loves: Superdrug travel toothbrush and Arm&Hammer travel Brilliant Sparkle for their handy travel/makeup bag size). Having a toothbrush & toothpaste in your drawer for any meetings after lunch/a snack is reassuring- nobody wants to be told by a senior colleague that they have spinach in their teeth during a review!


Mascara (Emma loves: Jelly Pong Pony Fairy Lashes Mascara for its cute but compact design and quick application for  subtle but present coverage). As a paleface, if you get into the office in a hurry, you can do without everything except mascara and lip balm (although I prefer to have foundation and a swoosh of blush on too!)

Hand Cream
(Emma loves: The Body Shop's Absinthe Hand Butter which I have reviewed in an earlier post here and am still obsessed with). In many offices, hand cream seems to be the vice of choice, as in the application you massage hands cramped from typing and dry from hand washing with the cheap office bathroom soap.

Aromatic De-Stress balm (Emma loves: Deep Sleep Pillow Talk Duo as I wanted a pulse point balm with essential oils, and got a pillow spray as well!) When the going gets tough, the tough apply a relaxing lavender oil based balm to their wrists and get going tackling the work!

Lipstick (Emma loves: Chanel. All of them. But especially Chanel Rouge Allure in Pirate because it's perfect for taking control during the day or at night. You can't hide in this!) Bright but blend-able, this highly pigmented but hydrating formulation makes a powerful statement, and works to dress up any 'standard' black, grey or navy 'office' tones in a fun and confident style. I like this, as I feel it makes me confidently female in meetings with senior colleagues, and it works brilliantly to go from office to bar if you have evening plans...!
 Let me know what keeps you looking smart, confident and professional at work, or if you want more information on how I've gotten on with any of the above :)

Lots of love!

Emma xxx


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