Monday, 5 August 2013

Quick REVIEW: Absinthe Hand Butter by The Body Shop

And the prize for Summer's freshest smelling, richest feeling, non-sticky textured handcream goes to...

This prettily packaged hand butter by The Body Shop was a recent purchase in Westfield Shopping Centre, London. I love its clean, fresh smell (its not alcoholic smelling at all, I promise!) and buttery rich formula. The price is a little high at £11 (although currently discounted to a very reasonable £7.70), but worth the higher price as you only need a little and so I think it will last me a good few months at least. 

The Absinthe hand care range also has a convenient 'squirty' lotion formula (here) for those who prefer a squeezy tube, and a useful hand wash that I'm hoping will carry me through the late summer/early autumn colds safely! I haven't tried these yet, but am planning to in the near future, and will be sure to post an update when I do. If you've tried either of these, please let me know what you think or if you've reviewed them on your own blog.

SMALL DEALS NOTE/Disclaimer: I often seem to find that you can get decent deals/bargains on Body Shop products in store, or by signing up to the email alerts (nobody has bribed me to say this, I swear- I'm just a Body Shop fan!) I recently got a 40% off voucher by email and was really pleased with it :)

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