Tuesday, 13 August 2013

This is not the chocolateyest cake in the world...this is just a #tribute

There comes a time in every blog to bake, and post pictures of the resulting cake. Today is this day!

I decided that today's post wouldn't be on the lovely benefit eyeshadow that I had planned, but instead, after a very important conversation with a friend, on the importance of taking time out for you. In Cosmopolitan this month, Alicia Keys puts it this way- 'On the airplane, they tell you to secure your own mask before anyone else's.'  

This makes an awful lot of sense to me.

In July and again this month, I've been feeling that I'm at maximum busy, and trying to get far too much done in what is clearly a ridiculously short time span- this week, I've hardly even had time to blog! And yet, when a friend asks 'Can you do me a favour...' I'm all about the 'yes, of course...!'

......Despite the fact that this may make me (a) frantic (b) late to do something else (c) double book myself (d) unable to live my usually organized and happy life as normal.

Why do I say always say yes, when I could suggest sometimes that I was really busy but happy to do it if nobody else could take it on/could do it the following week etc? If I did this, I'd have more time to secure my own mask, and excel at work, bake cakes for friends and take care of myself, which would then result in a happier, less stressed friend who had time to help out when it was really important.

I'm not going to follow this with a cliche about how as women we are busy focusing on our families, or our careers- we're all bright people here and everyone, male or female, has a life to focus on. However, I have been reminded this week of how important it is to take care of ourselves, and that taking time for make-up, hair styling, choosing clothes and/or baking a fantastic cake to share with friends is a really healthy (ok- you know what I mean!) way of taking care of yourself and remembering just how great you are at being you.

This week I'm going to follow Alicia's advice, and secure my own mask- literally. Next post, Face Masks!

I'd love to know some ways that you chill out and reward yourselves- is there a favourite bubble bath, face mask or eye cooler pack that you enjoy, or like me, do you paint nails in times of stress? Any tips welcome!


Emma xx


  1. That cake looks delicious. I love the little reference to Tenacious D btw! x

  2. Great post! I love it:)